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Atlanta’s expecting snow, so let’s look back on Snowpocalypse 2014

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With a few inches of winter weather expected on Friday and Saturday, a trip down memory lane is in order

A serene street scene in Buckhead during snowfall in 2014.
A serene (or ghastly?) street scene in Buckhead from 2014.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

In Atlanta, “snow” is a four letter word.

Even the mention of Connecticut Confetti sends many in the metro into panic and empties store shelves.

Just a few days into 2017, and after a relatively mild start to winter, the “S” word is already being thrown around. In fact, forecasters are predicting up to three inches of snow in metro Atlanta between late Friday and Saturday.

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency is literally advising people to prepare to shelter in place for three days. Meanwhile, travel experts at Thrillist this week gave Georgia a favorable Top 8 ranking for states with mildest winters — but they nonetheless poked fun at Atlanta’s legendary unpreparedness when faced with Devil’s Dandruff. So maybe the extra caution makes sense.

Back in January 2014, the city descended into complete chaos after snow and ice hit in the middle of a Tuesday. Students were stranded at schools, thousands of Atlantans became trapped on area interstates overnight, and the city became a national laughingstock.

The event became known simply as “Snowpocalypse” despite the fact that it didn’t come close to the amount of snow of any of Atlanta’s largest storms. It just came at the wrong time.

Of course, longtime residents know the forecast of snow is no guarantee it will actually happen. So, while it’s not time to panic — yet — here are some photos from three years ago to remind us all of how Atlanta handles chaos ...

Maybe it’s time to bum-rush to the supermarket after all.