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Underground Atlanta to host first ‘pop-up’ coworking space, with more planned

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Post-Office Cowork will bring pay-per-use office space to underutilized real estate throughout city

A four-story brick building with retail spaces at ground floor.
The building at 86 Pryor St will be home to Post-Office Cowork.
Google Maps

Coworking spaces have become all the rage, with the shared office configurations popping up across the city.

But a new addition to the Atlanta market is taking the flexible office concept a step further, introducing “pop-up” offices throughout intown neighborhoods that can be rented on a per-use basis

Post-Office Cowork will unveil its first local digs at Underground Atlanta later this month in an old building on Pryor Street. Plans call for more spaces to follow, though their potential locations aren’t yet known.

According to a press release, each new space will be furnished to “reflect the neighborhood” it’s in, with furniture changing throughout the time the space is there to keep it fresh.

Inside the new Pryor Street space.
Post-Office Cowork

The move toward shared office spaces of this kind reflects a desire for more flexibility in the work environment, but the pop-up nature—as well as this specific location—adds a new, unique element.

With many underutilized buildings in up-and-coming areas around the city, expect some interesting spaces to be uncovered.

Underground Atlanta

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