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Two new Atlanta student housing projects proposed on Spring, Marietta streets

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One Midtown development would replace a Domino’s Pizza and parking lot; the other would rise on the Westside.

An almost vacant site among high-rises.
The ill-fated Domino’s Pizza.
Google Maps

For better or worse (but probably better), the number of Georgia Tech students who remember the days of grabbing a cheap, greasy burger at the corner of 10th and Spring streets is growing thinner.

After all, it’s been several years since Checkers was torn down to make way for Hanover West Peachtree.

Now, another low-density fast food chain at the (surprisingly) sparsely populated intersection could soon serve its last slice of salvation for hungover undergrads.

Developer Landmark Properties announced plans this week to build a 28-story student residence tower at the corner, where a Domino’s Pizza currently stands.

The submittal to the Development Review Committee outlined plans for The Mark, with 18 floors of residences and an amenity level, atop a nine-story parking deck. The building would house approximately 800 students, with room for 380 cars. The parking would be wrapped by residential units and only be visible from a small sliver of Peachtree Place. Nearly 7,500 square feet of retail space would face 10th and Spring streets.

News of the development comes as private student housing grows in prominence across Atlanta’s development scene, especially in this flank of Midtown.

Over the last few years, two upscale student towers—Square on Fifth and University House—have opened in the neighborhood to serve Tech students, while the Standard is under construction just six blocks farther south.

Also this week, developer Peak Campus revealed plans to construct a 180-unit student housing project on the western side of Georgia Tech, along Marietta and Boss streets.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports that construction could begin as soon as January on the six-story project, which would require the demolition of existing low-rise commercial buildings.

The Mark is designed by CNNA Architects, while the Peak Campus development is reportedly designed by Niles Bolton Associates.

A closer look at The Mark:

A residential tower, with a glassy first floor of retail.
The Spring Street elevation of the building.
CNNA Architects via Midtown Alliance
Plans showing one of the parking levels of the building.
CNNA Architects via Midtown Alliance
An architectural elevation of the student housing tower.
The southern facade of the building, facing Peachtree Place.
CNNA Architects via Midtown Alliance
The roof plan for the building.
CNNA Architects via Midtown Alliance