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Masquerade is making moves ... to stay at Underground Atlanta

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If the music venue expands and stays put, could Underground finally become the late-night hub (again) it has longed to be?

Night rendering of Underground with new high-rise and mid-rise development.
Music city?
WRS via Atlanta Business Chronicle

It’s been more than a year since rumors surfaced that the Masquerade—displaced from its Old Fourth Ward home by a mixed-use development—would be reincarnated at Underground Atlanta.

Those rumors were confirmed in November, as the venue prepped what was then called “temporary” accommodations in part of the sputtering shopping mall, which itself is slated for a slew of new development.

Now, it seems the Masquerade may make its digs permanent.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports that permits have been filed for to fit out more spaces at the old Undeground mall to accommodate Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory—the venue’s three performance areas.

Filings indicate the old food court and some retail spaces will be swallowed up to become a new two-story concert space. Pimsler Hoss Architects, a firm known for adaptive-reuse projects, is leading the $700,000 conversion.

Scaffolding and fencing have been set up around the outside of The Masquerade off North Angier Avenue. This historically protected segment will house mixed uses near the large green field of Historic Fourth Ward Park's north end.
The old Masquerade venue on North Avenue.
Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta

Beyond that, few details are available regarding specific plans, though Underground Atlanta developer WRS Realty suggested they’re interested in the venue remaining part of the reincarnated downtown hub.

In decades past, Underground was nationally known as a rollicking late-night emporium with a variety of clubs and live music venues, but that reputation died as the property underwent several different attempts at reinvention, to varying degrees of success.

For more information on the project, check out the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

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