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Atlanta airport redo plows ahead, with dramatic dropoff canopies beginning ascent

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Canopy construction means changed traffic patterns for the foreseeable future.

A four-story arching metal tube system above the entry drive for the airport.
A rendering of the new entry canopies.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is in the midst of a massive, $6-billion renovation, slated to transform the 35-year-old facility.

As of now, more than $200 million in improvements is underway. And it’s beginning to show.

Inside, work began many months ago on the sprucing up of dated corridor tunnels connecting the concourses. Drab, 1980s ceilings were replaced with bright, white perforated metal panels. The arched panels with recessed cove lighting brighten up the spaces and lend a more user-friendly experience for those who decide to forgo the plane train.

On the concourses, work has begun to lift the ceilings at the gates and add more windows, transforming the formerly utilitarian spaces into welcoming areas.

The brightened tunnels.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

The biggest changes, however, are taking place outside, where massive arching metal canopies are beginning to rise above the ground transportation zones outside of north and south terminals.

To accommodate the construction, the old parking decks adjacent to the road have been torn down, and traffic has been rerouted, causing a (temporary) headache for those picking up or dropping off passengers.

Road closures.

Ultimately, the canopies will provide cover from the elements for those heading to new parking decks or utilizing ground transportation. Construction at the north terminal is expected to wrap up next summer, with crews then moving over to the south side.

Renovations have resulted in the closure of much of the drop off area.
Instagram user troyunlckd

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

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