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Rustic-modern new build flirts with $600K in Boulevard Heights

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Straddling the line between nuevo Craftsman and farmhouse, due south of Grant Park.

A new farmhouse style home for sale in Boulevard Heights Atlanta.
The blue-hued door approach.
Avenue Realty

Smack dab between Grant Park’s celebrated greenspace and the Atlanta federal pen, this bright-and-airy new construction is aiming for uncharted territory at $569,900.

Per Zillow, just one other property has traded in the $500,000s in Boulevard Heights in recent years, though a few have moved in the lowish $400,000s. It’s likely those were significantly smaller.

Here on Edie Avenue, this four-bedroom, three-bathroom offering from Walsh Design sits atop a full (unfinished) basement that would make it even larger. The square footage, for now, is a secret.

Inside, beyond the baby-blue door, there’s a refreshing, blonder hue to the hardwoods throughout, which commingle with farmhouse (see: various woods) and neuvo Craftsman influences.

Around back, find a righteous, covered, elevated deck (with ceiling fan) that overlooks the fenced yard. Not pictured is the valuable two-car garage.

The listing takes the more measured approach of noting the home is within the “official Beltline Overlay zoning district” instead of proclaiming it “within an easy, EASY walk to all Beltline wonders!” or some such.

It’s maybe five blocks, as the crow flies, from the Beltline’s future Southside Trail, which likely won’t break ground for several years.

The home’s predecessor sold for $51,540 about a year ago. Obviously at “lot value.”

The home’s predecessor in summer 2016.
Google Maps