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In West Midtown, moratorium could halt new projects into next year

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The development pause would allow City of Atlanta officials to craft a master vision for the booming district

A grey warehouse stands in a concrete lot.
The site of a proposed Georgia Tech development that could be impacted by the moratorium.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

In recent years, old industrial spaces and abandoned lots in neighborhoods across West Midtown (a more specific sliver of the city than Westside, that is) have quickly morphed into high-end apartments, boutique shops, and some of Atlanta’s most celebrated restaurants.

Perhaps too quickly, some would argue.

Road and other infrastructure improvements have failed to keep up with the growth. And there are no signs of the boom slowing down—or at least there weren’t.

Now, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reports the Atlanta City Council is mulling a moratorium that would stop new construction in the neighborhood for up to four months.

Supported by the district’s councilman, Ivory Lee Young, Jr., the initiative could potentially impact Howell Station, Home Park, and the Marietta Street Artery, in addition to West Midtown.

Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

The ordinance, if approved, would affect only properties currently zoned commercial and industrial.

That could include Georgia Tech’s planned mega development at the corner of 14th Street and Howell Mill, as well as a recently floated student housing project on Marietta Street.

The thinking goes that the development pause would allow city officials to craft a master vision for the booming district.

For more on the impact of the moratorium, check out the Atlanta Business Chronicle.