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Latest Reynoldstown modern townhome is deep, multifaceted, not cheap at $720K

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With walkability to Beltline and Memorial Drive redevelopments, new construction counts as many roof decks as full bathrooms.

A new modern townhome for sale in Reynoldstown Atlanta.
The three-bedroom, street-facing unit in question.
Keller Williams Realty

Modern-style duplexes have been popping up around Reynoldstown for nearly a decade, but the more recent trend for the neighborhood’s semi-detached dwellings has leaned toward the urban-farmhouse style.

Not so on Wilbur Avenue.

Replacing a burned bungalow off Flat Shoals Avenue, this double-dose of contemporary townhouses is a deep, multifaceted offering that touts walkability to the Eastside Trail’s new terminus and the nearby commercial rebirth of Memorial Drive.

The vitals: $720,000 asking price (for the front portion). Three bedrooms. Two full bathrooms (plus two half-baths). Two rooftop deck options. Two-car garage. Unlisted square footage.

If the signatures look familiar, it’s the work of Care For Your Castle (CFYC) builders, who’ve been active in R-town lately.

Around the corner, the same outfit transformed a squat commercial building into a modern earlier this year, and they raised eyebrows back in 2015 by asking a record $700,000 for a Wylie Street dwelling that overlooks the Beltline. (Counting more than 3,000 square feet, that pad went for $719,000 in early 2016).

The front half of the duplex in question, with a double dose of rooftop decks.
Photos: Keller Williams Realty

Here on Wilbur, the exterior blends wood, dark stone, and white hard surfaces for nice contrasts. What it might lack in girth it makes up for in rooftop options, with a private sun deck off the master suite and massive party space around back with a wet bar—and what looks like a shower.

The interior boasts 10-foot ceilings, blonde hardwoods throughout, and a multitude of large windows.

There’s enough going for it that buyers might forget the market reality that this much dough bought a large, modern, standalone house down the street last year.

The home’s predecessor in March last year.
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