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For $170K, quaint and cozy South Atlanta bungalow resides ITP

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Recently renovated, this 2007 home is conveniently located near area parks, including Grant Park, and the redeveloping Turner Field area.

Gray house with covered front porch.
Cozy, charming, and cheap near Lakewood Amphitheater.
Raw Real Estate Group

Who said totally welcoming houses in the $100,000s were dead in the City of Atlanta?

The complete overhaul on this 2007 South Atlanta bungalow is readily apparent from the freshly painted exterior and inviting front porch.

Enter the four-bedroom, three-bathroom structure, and the open floorplan with its family room and kitchen, and more upgrades are revealed.

The black granite fireplace holds court in the family room, while new hardwoods stretch back into the kitchen with its granite countertops and custom tile backsplash.

The expansive windows invite in natural light in an effort to expand the feel of each room, which do appear a bit small in the 1,927-square-foot home.

Fresh carpet covers the bedroom floors, and each bathroom features a modern, polished look.

Especially welcome is the large back deck and even larger fenced-in backyard that provides a lovely and private outdoor entertaining space.

The property last sold in February—for $20,000—and it’s clear that renovations contributed to the home’s current asking price of $170,000, proving bona fide houses can still be had at that price within city limits.

The home’s location near other parks, including South Atlanta Park and South Bend Park, as well as being right across the street from MARTA bus stops, also leans in the house’s favor.

However, Jonesboro Road is not a quiet neighborhood street, and there are several businesses sitting opposite the house that could prove to be a deterrent for potential buyers.

Regardless, the home is well-positioned for buyers wanting an ITP house on a shoestring budget.