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Mercedes-Benz Stadium roof, audio problems to be fixed by spring, leaders say

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Atlanta’s new coliseum has been plagued by high-profile issues, but a new timeline has been revealed for fixes.

A look inside the finished Atlanta Falcons stadium this month. Curbed Atlanta

While the newness of Mercedes-Benz Stadium has just begun to wear off after hosting numerous events and nearly a million visitors over the past few months, some high-profile problems still plague the venue—and it could be more than six months before they’re fixed.

Among the most notable issues is the stadium’s roof—which was supposed to dramatically open in just a few minutes—and complaints of poor acoustics. According to 11Alive, those issues won’t be fully addressed until well into 2018.

The roof operations, or lack thereof, initially resulted in the delayed opening of the stadium as engineers attempted to calibrate the massive “petals” that make up the structure. The roof has been opened twice for games at the stadium, but now will remain closed until automation is complete.

Work on the roof structure is expected to carry into March, a year after the stadium was initially slated to open.

Meanwhile, inside, complaints about sound reverberation and poor acoustics at the venue came to light following a Garth Brooks concert earlier this month.

The stadium’s operation team acknowledged the concerns and is working to address the calibration of the audio system in time for the next concert, which isn’t slated to happen until Memorial Day wWeekend, the news station reports.

Overall, the futuristic stadium has received rave reviews from visitors—save for the aforementioned issues and earlier, long queues to exit the venue.

And in less than a month, The Benz will soon stand as the only stadium on the western edge of downtown. Hopefully for many years to come.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

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Mercedes-Benz Stadium

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