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High-floor Midtown condo counts these views for $349K

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Blank-slate unit at 1010 Midtown building offers bedroom with actual walls but small-for-Atlanta square footage.

South-facing views down Peachtree Street.
South-facing views down Peachtree Street.
Above Atlanta

Since it was finished back in 2008, the 1010 Midtown building has been promising a hip, cosmopolitan “Life on Curve” with 425 condos that carry walkability among the best in Atlanta.

Nearly a decade later, this high-floor, one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit has hit the market as the (almost) cheapest of roughly 20 for sale in the building at the moment.

The sheer space might not be big—by Atlanta standards, at least—but the views certainly are.

Listed earlier this month, the condo is basically an 867-square-foot blank slate, with nary a nail hole to stress over. Priced at $349,000, it could be a non-back-breaking entree into Midtown for the right single buyer, or very close couple. The monthly HOA fees of $329 might not be crippling, either.

The listing boasts of bona fide bedroom walls and a balcony that’s large enough for entertaining (that it is).

The granite, stainless stuff, and fixtures may not have been updated since the building’s recession-era debut, but they hardly look like impediments to living up here.

Alongside pics of Cafe Intermezzo and Ri Ra Irish Pub, the listing includes interior photos of the ground-floor Panera Bread’s bakery, which could be a first.