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Quaint 1910 bungalow in Kirkwood available for $484K, following discounts

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Near downtown Kirkwood, MARTA, and area parks, this old house offers location at what’s become a solid intown price point.

Steps lead up to green house with covered porch.
A home deeper than it appears from Trotti Street.
Chapman Hall Realty Premier

A mainstay in Kirkwood since circa-1910, this home contains many sweet-spot features for potential Atlanta buyers, including history that can’t be faked.

There’s also the expansive covered front porch overlooking “one of the best streets in Kirkwood,” according to the listing. Inside, the hardwoods appear original and run throughout most of the rooms.

The pocket doors separating the living room from the library are also a nice touch.

The four original fireplaces add charm, albeit a bit off-kilter in some rooms, to the house, and the custom window seats in the dining room provide a great place to enjoy the natural light pouring in from the large picture windows.

The listing claims the house is “larger than it looks,” and it must be with three bedrooms and three baths in a spacious 2,289 square feet. So it’s that exceedingly rare, non-tiny intown house available for less than a half-million bucks.

Back inside, the cutouts in the wall between the kitchen and the breakfast nook work hard to add an airy feel to those rooms as well.

There appears to be parking in the backyard, although it’s not entirely clear where the street access is, given the houses on both sides and behind this structure. Must be a masked-driveway or side-alley situation.

Within walking distance of the heart of Kirkwood and nearby restaurants, plus MARTA and the planned Pullman Yard redo, the asking price of $484,000—following two discounts totaling about $15,000, within eight days of listing—comes across as reasonable for this day and age.

Maybe it’s the cooler weather, non-private backyard, or the Atlanta market in general, but offerings of this general size and style were bidding-war central not that long ago.