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Edgewood duplex goes full traditional for $415K (per half)

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An easy walk to MARTA and retail hub from dead-end street, but three-bedroom offerings have lingered long.

A blue-gray Craftsman duplex for sale in Edgewood.
Gives new meaning to blue-gray hues.
Re/Max Metro Atlanta Cityside

Down a quiet stub of a dead-end street, around the corner from Edgewood Retail District and the construction frenzy surrounding the neighborhood’s MARTA station, this duplex stands out by being ... well, traditional.

The approach is hardly new (Old Fourth Ward welcomed a cluster of duplexes in a similar vein years ago), but most new, semi-detached situations around Atlanta have leaned much more modern of late.

Here on Binder Place, both halves listed in mid-August for $414,900. They haven’t budged since.

Per the listing, each townhome by local veterans Stoney River Homes “lives like a single-family home” with open floorplans and private backyards. Each driveway/parking pad is also described as private—but less convincingly so.

The facts: three bedrooms, two and 12 bathrooms, and 1,745 square feet. That could be an option for buyers hungry for more economical living quarters without sacrificing what appears to be strong craftsmanship.

Perks include the handy foyer mudroom, slick kitchen, built-ins surrounding a beefy fireplace, and the screened back porch.

The backyard, at least as pictured below, won’t make anybody want to kick off their shoes and throw back summertime lemonade.

Records indicate the land/previous house sold a year ago for $215,000. Which seems like quite a deal.

The twin, right-side unit in gray (with alternate finishes) is here.