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Two Midtown office buildings rendered unrecognizable by merciful renovations

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The low-rise office buildings, long past their primes, are getting new leases on life (and new tenants).

A three-story mid-century building will walls removed and new window walls going up.
Demolition and construction at West Peachtree and 16th streets.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

Just last month, two office buildings along Midtown’s West Peachtree Street—dating from the mid-20th Century—offered little in terms of aesthetic appeal. Now, renovations are radically altering their appearances.

Located a few blocks apart, the low-rise structures at 1280 and 1438 West Peachtree Street are being transformed and modernized.

Across the street from Arts Center, a clunky three-story building at the base of Arts Center Tower is being transformed into a glassy new home for Interface. Demolition began last month as the 1980s stucco façade came down. Already, structure is going up to support the new window walls.

When completed, the building will include a roof terrace overlooking West Peachtree Street.

Fritted glass covers the three-story box, showing patterns of trees.
A view of 1280 West Peachtree as the new Interface offices.
via Midtown Alliance

A few blocks north, crews have made quick work of a two-story brick building near 18th Street, transforming it from a classically modeled snooze-fest to a sleek grey structure. Work began in August to turn the structure into a new headquarters for Payscape.

The transformation so far.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

The trend of sprucing up older office buildings also played out nearby on Peachtree Street. Between 16th and 17th streets, work is wrapping up at a modernist office building with the addition of a new stair and façade, lending fresh life to the building.

1372 Peachtree, reimagined.