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Abandoned Adair Park school ready to be reborn as ‘art-force housing’

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Century-old, red-brick building will be prepped for tenants by early 2019, officials announce.

The Academy Lofts

A century-old school in the heart of Adair Park is slated to receive serious (and much needed) love in the form of a residential conversion.

But rather than high-priced units for Yuppies hoping to bag a place with historic charm within walking distance to fresh Beltline, plans call for 35 affordable micro-units reserved for artists.

In addition to the live/work spaces, The Academy Lofts Adair Park will feature 5,000 square feet of loft offices for small businesses and artist studios and a 1,300-square-foot coffee shop.

The old school’s auditorium will be revamped into an art gallery and community events space.

Local developers Stryant Investments and Building Insights are partnered with arts nonprofit The Creatives Project to bring new life to the school, which has been abandoned for nearly 45 years.

The project is being billed as “art-force” housing—and is utilizing a $1.5-million grant from Invest Atlanta as part of the Housing Opportunity Bond Program—in order to maintain affordability into the future. Funding will also come through historic tax credits.

Developers expect the first residents to move in by early 2019.

The property today, after decades of neglect.
Google Maps
A rendering of the proposed lofts.
The Academy Lofts