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Near Perimeter, mega mixed-use project proposed to fill office parking lot

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Development could include multiple residential and office towers—including hundreds of condos—on a site just OTP.

A hand rendering of a multi-tower development, surrounded by trees.
An aerial rendering of the development.
Grubb Properties via Reporter Newspapers

A dated office park at Perimeter Center could soon have its parking lots filled with high-density residential development—to possibly include the largest injection of new condos in Atlanta since the recession.

According to Reporter Newspapers, Grubb Properties is seeking approval from Dunwoody to move forward with a five-tower development on a property near the Ravinia complex, off Ashford-Dunwoody Road.

The development, located near the current Dunwoody City Hall and Perimeter Mall, would include 1,200 residential units—900 of them for-sale and 300 apartments—and a new 500,000-square-foot office tower. Two of the three 95,000-square-foot, mid-rise office blocks on the site would remain.

The proposed development would boost density in the area.
Grubb Properties via Reporter Newspapers

Grubb Properties reportedly sought support from the Dunwoody Homeowners Association before the planning commission’s scheduled vote on the proposal next month, but the DHA took “no position” on the matter after failing to pass motions both for and against the project.

Many neighbors are fretting the traffic the development would bring to the area, the newspaper reports.

On Nov. 14, the Planning Commission will vote on a rezoning permit for the property, but it’ll be up to the Dunwoody City Council to make a final decision in January.