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Near East Lake and EAV, some ‘awesome-sauce’ available for $275K

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Although in unincorporated DeKalb, this 1952 ranch with the “redonculous” yard is near intown hotspots.

White house with blue door and large front yard.
How saucy.
Keller Knapp Realty

Originally constructed in 1952, this 1,107-square-footer definitely sports a more modern aesthetic inside thanks to a full renovation.

But is it the “awesome-sauce” the listing claims it to be?

Located near East Lake, East Atlanta, and Kirkwood (but not actually in them), the location is relatively solid, with easy-breezy interstate access.

Inside, the open floorplan, featuring the living room and kitchen, does work hard to make the rooms appear more spacious than they actually are.

And the updated kitchen with its monochromatic, contemporary design is a welcome addition to the three-bedroom, two-bath home.

However, that leafy wallpaper in the master bathroom is quite the unfortunate choice, some might say.

It could be better suited for the “massive yard” found outside, which is, after all, “redonculous,” per the listing.

Some minimal landscaping was performed in the front of the house, but the fenced-in backyard appears untouched, although kept in check.

Based on the home’s price history, it was renovated in 2016, which explains the jump in value from $91,000 in August 2016 to $256,500 when it sold this past summer.

Although the current asking price of $274,900 isn’t outrageous for the neighborhood, one does wonder why the house is already back on the market just four months after its last sale. Hmm.