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Newly renovated Edgewood bungalow looks to charm for $325K

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Built in 1955, this perky little (and relatively affordable) house is convenient to the Edgewood Retail District and MARTA.

One-story white house with covered front porch.
A touch of midcentury lines for this 1950s facade.
Real Living Capital City

On the heels of a total renovation, this 1955 bungalow now sports a perky persona inside and out, and it could be an affordable option for buyers determined to use every square foot.

Various listing services peg the square footage at just 806, which is apparently possible in Atlanta, the land of big homes. And slightly unnerving Google Maps imagery through the years suggests the home might have been Internet possessed.

But now, the covered front porch is the ideal spot for catching up with neighbors in Edgewood. Inside, the two-bedroom, one-bath home packs quite a lot into its modest square footage. The beaded cathedral ceiling in the open living room and kitchen does its best to make the rooms seem much larger than they actually are.

Finishing touches like the subway-tile backsplash in the kitchen, the detailed tile in the shower, and the barn doors on the bedroom closet give the house a polished look.

In the back, the expansive deck overlooking a private backyard is a particularly appealing addition, especially since half of the space is covered.

Within walking distance of the Edgewood Retail District and MARTA, the property also is fairly close to the Beltline’s Eastside trail (maybe 10 minutes by bike), Little Five Points, Candler Park, and more.

While the asking price of $324,700 is well within reason for the neighborhood, there are other, larger offerings available at similar prices.

Even so, this could be a solid entry point for buyers looking to move into the Edgewood area.