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Modern craze has transformed East Atlanta bungalow, now slashed to $449K

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Three bedrooms about three blocks from the EAV—and now $19,000 cheaper.

A whack-ass modern renovation near the East Atlanta Village for sale right now.
Defiantly non-traditional in EAV.
Georgia Realty Brokers International Corporation

Well, that’s different.

The clean-lined modern craze sweeping intown neighborhoods has made its way to Newton Avenue in East Atlanta, where an unassuming brick bungalow from the 1920s is anything but that now.

With a tricolored facade that could double as multiple-choice geometry quiz, this eye-popping three-bedroom listed for $469,000 last week and within days underwent a substantial price slice.

The new ask: $449,900.

With nearly 2,100 square feet, the house is more voluminous than it may look from the street. And while certain wall-coverings may or may not have been manufactured with floor-covering intentions, the interior should appeal to buyers fancying clean, non-fussy design.

The renovation, per the listing, went to the studs. And replaced even the roof.

Beyond french doors, the deck and carport off the black-painted backside are nice, functional touches.

It’s roughly three blocks from village eateries and watering holes, which makes the 62 WalkScore something of a head-scratcher. (Then again, the nearest grocery store and MARTA station aren’t easily walkable).

For adventurous buyers with sub-half-mil budgets, this could be in play. Let’s hope, for neighbors’ sake, they work a different front door into the deal.

The home in 2014.
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