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In heart of Midtown Atlanta, Spanish-style food, booze market eyes fall debut

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City’s latest food hall concept is bound for the base of Trace Midtown apartments on Peachtree Street

The future home of Caravaca Market, as seen in March.
The future home of Caravaca Market, as seen in March.
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Atlanta’s latest food hall concept is aiming to set up shop very soon in the city’s cosmopolitan heart.

At the base of upscale Trace Midtown apartments—where some rents have been flirting with $7,000 per month—a gourmet food and booze emporium by celebrity chef Harry Pagancoss hopes to debut later this fall where Peachtree meets 5th street.

The concept—the first of its kind—is called “Caravaca Market,” officials announced in a press release today. Initially, it was projected to open a year ago.

Inside the 6,000-square-foot space, expect a seasonal “Taste Bar,” Wine Bar (also featuring charcuterie and cheeses), Beer and Pizza Bar, “Harry Bakes” bakery cafe, and a Provisions Market. The outdoor patio will basically be in the shadow of the Gothic-Revival landmark that is Saint Mark Methodist Church across the street.

Pagancoss named the food hall for the Spanish town of Caravaca—home of the Horses of Wine Festival—and it’ll offer “seasonal foods and cultural events focused on U.S. regions and other countries with locally sourced international flavors,” per the release.

“I designed Caravaca Market as a place where Atlanta residents and visitors can relax and socialize with friends, all while enjoying international delicacies without leaving Midtown,” said Pagancoss, also a Puerto Rican television and radio personality and author, in a prepared statement.

The proposed floorplan.
Caravaca Market

More specifically, Pagancoss and company said speciality dishes will include what sounds like a sophisticated, eclectic smorgasbord:

“Icelandic Lamb, Peruvian Ceviche, gluten-free Mexican Tlayudas, Mozzarella Wraps, Brazilian and Italian sandwiches, house-made Gelato with exotic flavors ... [plus] ... Brazilian Roll Cake, Puerto Rican Mallorcas, and delicate Alfajores.”

News of the market comes as Colony Square prepares to break ground on its own Midtown food hall, roughly 10 blocks up the street.

Meanwhile, roughly 10 blocks in the other direction on Peachtree, the MARTA-connected Peachtree Center food court is being reborn as “The Hub,” which is hoping to net “foodie-focused eateries, unique entertainment experiences, and boutique services like fitness and grocery” geared toward a blossoming downtown.