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Adventurous ‘modern treehouse’ from the 1970s beckons $499K in Sandy Springs

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Sprawling property in the woods described as “what heaven on earth feels like.”

A photo of a contemporary 1970s home in Sandy Springs that’s for sale now.
Where contemporary meets cul-de-sac.
Domo Realty

OTP buyers in the market for truly unique living quarters might take note of this rustic-contemporary pad in Sandy Springs, which an enthusiastic listing describes as “breathtaking” and “what heaven on earth feels like.”

Tucked on a woodsy cul-de-sac since 1975, not far from Roswell, this five-bedroom groove palace is geometrically adventurous throughout, and especially in the master bathroom.

Dotted with (what appears to be) furnishings by Eames and Ligne Roset, these 4,600 square feet look as though they’ve been babied for the past four decades.

Billed as a “modern treehouse” with impressive walls of windows that showcase the verdure, the property listed last week at $499,000.

Interior highlights include the teak and redwood paneling, which the listing asserts will “warm your soul,” and ceilings that truly soar. Overlooking a nature preserve, the Brazilian cherry deck is absolutely immense, too.

The presence of drop ceilings downstairs and such great seas of carpeting could be a turn-off for some buyers, but those aren't exactly foundation cracks.

The adventurousness also extends to aspects of the exterior, to put it lightly. When the street-facing facade is the last photo slotted in the listing’s gallery, it usually means it isn’t a strongpoint.

But perhaps the inside is heavenly enough to rule the day here.