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Second phase of O4W affordable housing development to move forward at Bedford Pine

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Station 464 will build off of the success of City Lights, provide 96 units of affordable housing for families.

A rendering of the second phase, promising 96 more apartments in Old Fourth Ward.
Station 464
Wingate Companies

The second phase of a new senior housing development on Boulevard in Old Fourth Ward is slated to kick off, according to a press release from developer Wingate.

Plans call for Station 464—as the development will be known—to provide 96 units of affordable housing for families to the neighborhood. Completed a year ago, the first phase of the project delivered 80 units for seniors.

Like the first phase of development, Station 464 will feature a private outdoor amenity deck on the second floor, programmed to serve as a recreational and social area for the residents. Four stories of residences will sit atop retail and parking.

Realized through a public-private partnership, the development is replacing outdated Section 8 housing which has stood in Bedford Pine for years.

Ultimately, it is hoped that the new development along Boulevard will further the resurgence of the western edge of Old Fourth Ward, which has been slower to see the benefits of investment than the eastern edge of the neighborhood.

Expect construction on the $26 million project to begin early next year.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this article stated the housing would be geared for seniors, rather than families.

City Lights, completed last year.
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