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Midtown aims to spruce up another bridge over The Connector

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Bridge at 10th Street could see upgrades for pedestrians, drivers, and even those on bikes.

Looking across the seven lane bridge to Midtown.
Really anything would be an upgrade from the existing bridgescape.
Google Maps

Streets and sidewalks across Midtown have undergone complete-street upgrades, providing amenities for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers alike.

The 10th Street Bridge is not one of those places.

A utilitarian construct of concrete and chain-link fence, the bridge transports seven lanes of traffic across The Connector, but does little for the eyes... or human experience.

But now, Midtown Alliance is hoping to enhance the bridge, which unites Midtown and Georgia Tech. The organization is hosting a kick-off meeting to collect ideas for how to make the bridge a more user-friendly place for not just cars, but pedestrians and cyclists as well.

This isn’t the first time plans will be created to spruce up the bridge, however.

Back in 2015, a design was selected as part of the Atlanta Bridgescape Competition. "Sinuosity,” a rib-cage-like addition to the bridge, was the winner, but the plan was never realized.

And it’s not the only bridge to get a critical evaluation for style. While many designs weren’t utilized following the competition, the two Peachtree Street bridges in Midtown and downtown were recipients of design upgrades.

"Sinuosity” won the Atlanta Bridgescape Competition in 2015.
Midtown Alliance

It’s unclear if the previous work on Sinuosity will be utilized in this new initiative. But the work will be funded through the Renew Atlanta bond, passed last year.

The public input session will begin at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 28 at 10th and Peachtree streets. RSVPs are required for the event.