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Atlanta’s ‘Upper Westside’ is finding success as development streams in

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Residences, retail, and restaurants are quickly being developed between Buckhead and the Chattahoochee River.

A new project planned on Atlanta’s “Upper Westside” by developers Selig.
Selig’s planned Upper Westside development.
Renderings courtesy of Selig

It’s been more than a year since a developer applied the usually Big Apple-describing term “Upper Westside” to the northwest section of Atlanta.

In that time, numerous new developments have been announced, representing more than $1 billion worth of investment in the neighborhoods west of Buckhead.

And all that investment is beginning to attract the attention of retailers and residents.

According to CBS46, housing prices are rising steeply, with new homes going for more than $500,000 a pop. Meanwhile, projects such as Eden Rock’s Westside Village at Moores Mill and Selig’s The Works are drawing in boutique shopping and restaurants.

A new shopping center planned for Atlanta’s Westside on Moores Mill Road.
Eden Rock’s Westside Village at Moores Mill.
Eden Rock Real Estate Partners

The upward trend of the neighborhood is not just in the name, as the rebranding of the once “rough area,” as described by a longtime resident to CBS46, has helped to create a cohesive identity as growth comes.

Look for the neighborhood—boasting easy access to Midtown, Buckhead, and via bridges across the Chattahoochee to Cobb County—to continue on an upward trajectory, especially if land prices keep escalating elsewhere intown.