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In Westview, buyers urged to snag $300K bungalow reno ‘while it’s still affordable’

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Exterior stonework and reclaimed oak from Kentucky barn highlight space-conscious flip near Beltline’s Westside Trail.

A photo showing a renovated bungalow in the Westview area of Atlanta.
The white-painted brick approach on Beecher Street.
Area West Realty

This 1940s bungalow in Westview has undergone the bright-fresh treatment, resulting in what the listing describes as a “rustic-modern ... rare gem.”

It’s a few blocks southwest of Gordon-White Park (which is bordered by the Beltline’s Westside Trail and Lean Draft House) and near Monday Night Brewing and such, so the listing cautions buyers to “get in now while it’s still affordable” because even “more shops and restaurants are on the way.”

“Affordable” in this case is $299,900.

That buys 1,581 square feet that somehow offer three non-shoebox bedrooms and two bathrooms, including a rather gorgeous master that maximizes space. It’s all a project by the same remodeling outfit behind this West End bungalow that listed in February.

Highlights include the street-facing side-porch (with crucial ceiling fan) girded by stone columns, and the arched doorways and ceiling accents throughout the main floor. The backyard slab patio looks versatile if a little utilitarian.

Some might decry the reclaimed craze as played out, but this old wood—reclaimed from an Amish barn in Kentucky—is quite pretty.

The living room could be tight for fans of watching television, and the kitchen doesn’t allow much space for eating, which is where the adjoining dining room would come in handy. Comparatively speaking, the master bedroom is a cavern.

“Come see this amazing property, it won't last long!” the listing asserts. That remains to be seen, but it’s clear this renovation stands apart from some others in the area.

The property a year ago.
Google Maps