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In Buckhead, congested Piedmont Road to gain two additional lanes

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Widening project will provide three lanes leading to and from Ga. Highway 400.

A map showing two new lanes along the half-mile stretch.
A diagram showing the road widening.

Traffic in Buckhead can be hellacious, as commuters jockey for space on limited surface roads leading to Ga. Highway 400—and basically everywhere else.

Now, the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Buckhead CID are attempting to alleviate pressure at one of the worst pinch points: a stretch of Piedmont Road between Peachtree and Lenox roads that serves as a gateway to (usually congested) Ga. Highway 400.

According to an RFQ released by the BCID, the half-mile stretch of street will be widened, with an additional one lane in each direction, and a dedicated center turn lane. The move will accommodate a third lane dedicated to moving traffic from Ga. Highway 400 and Lenox Road to Piedmont and out to Peachtree.

Currently, only two lanes carry traffic from Lenox Road to Piedmont Road south. That will increase to three.
Google Maps

At peak, the stretch of road handles nearly 1,700 cars per hour; with the widening, that number could increase to more than 2,100 cars. With plans for developments to bring new density along the road in coming years, the project seems imperative to meet demand.

Despite the project’s limited scope, documents indicate the widening will cost nearly $25 million and take 18 months to complete.