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For $600K, Old Fourth Ward bungalow on bustling Highland Ave. looks like this inside

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Just wow.

An unbelievably gaudy living room in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, in a for-sale bungalow.
Could it be O4W’s only home to take design cues from 18th-Century France?
Keller Williams Intown Atlanta

For that exclusive subset of Atlanta homebuyers who dream of melding Disney princess dreams with Beltline accessibility, this Old Fourth Ward bungalow delivers one royal surprise after the next.

Let’s venture out on a limb and say this qualifies as the only home on hipster-haven Highland Avenue with a dining room, master suite, and living room executed (apologies) in the French Louis XVI style of the late 1700s.

With so many extravagant light fixtures of gilded bronze and crystal, it surely skews O4W’s chandelier-per-capita ratio on its own.

It’s all snuggled behind towering bushes and trees. And, from the exterior, the only indication that something extraordinarily regal might be afoot is the gilded gates at the bottom of the living room’s window-doors.

Otherwise, this 1904 property deceptively projects the airs of countless other Atlanta bungalows, minus the traditional front porch.

Inside, find classical columns and fanciful fireplaces in various places throughout these 2,963 square feet.

A highly functional kitchen and surprisingly large laundry room (with what looks like a few vintage appliances) bring the design back down to southeastern America. But then, upstairs, be mindful of whiplash as a converted attic space suddenly U-turns into a Kyoto sushi restaurant—or a very zen yoga space.

It counts three bedrooms (with another stubbed, wired, and ready for build-out in the attic), but the one and 1⁄2 bathrooms could be a sticking point.

Given the significant alterations, the greatest asset for non-Renaissance fans—beyond sheer size for not-nearly-$1-million in O4W—is the home’s positioning across the street from new steps leading down to the Eastside Trail.

Records indicate it hasn’t traded in almost 15 years. It’s now seeking $600,000.

Wait for it ...