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City of South Fulton votes to rename itself ‘Renaissance’

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The year-old city, one of the 10 most populous in the state, selected the name at a special council meeting.

Like Sandy Springs and Johns Creek before them, citizens in the southern portion of Fulton County—that last bastion of unincorporated land—voted to form a city last year.

With no cohesive identity, the new municipality was simply named “South Fulton,” with plans to determine a permanent name later.

Well, later has arrived, according to the South Metro Neighbor, and after considering more than 250 options, the citizens have voted that their city shall become “Renaissance.”

The name was selected during a special session of the city council. Residents in attendance had the chance to narrow the field down from a list of 20 options, resulting in three finalists: Atlanta Heights, Renaissance, and Wolf Creek.

Ultimately, the vote came down to Atlanta Heights and Renaissance, but after two rounds of voting, the choice was clear. Three cheers for democracy!

The name could be formally adopted by ordinance as soon as Dec. 14.