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Castleberry Hill Hard Rock Hotel begins construction, at long last

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More than two years in the making, the hotel (and accompanying apartments, restaurants, and retail) could soon begin to rise near The Benz.

After a false start earlier this year, it seems construction is finally getting underway in Castleberry Hill on Atlanta’s Hard Rock Hotel.

Permit filings with the city, as well as commencement of site work, mark tangible steps forward in the development of Castleberry Point.

According to filings, the project will include the 197-room boutique hotel, as well as 129 apartments and ground-floor retail and restaurants.

We’ve reached out to the PR agency representing the project, and will update with any new timeline information.

First announced more than two years ago, the Hard Rock Hotel-anchored mixed-use project will rise just a block from Mercedes Benz Stadium.

Originally, plans called for the hotel to be open for the Super Bowl in 2019, but with continual building delays, that timeline now seems overly optimistic.

The $90-million project marks one of the most significant investments in the neighborhood in ages, but if development plans for The Gulch and South Downtown come to fruition, the Hard Rock Hotel would be just the beginning.