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Midtown’s mural collection expands as another building taps local artist

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The renovated office on West Peachtree summoned Yoyo Ferro to bring life to a blank wall.

The main door of the slate grey building, framed by a two-story mural.
The building Thursday morning, with Yoyo Ferro mural front-and-center.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

An office building renovation on West Peachtree Street is nearing completion, putting a bright new face forward north of 18th Street.

In the past few weeks, artist Yoyo Ferro created a two-story mural at the Payscape headquarters, surrounding the main entry door. The towering, pastel image brightens the otherwise matte-gray building, creating a contrast with the new minimalist aesthetic.

Initially, plans had called for a two-story planted wall where the mural was painted.

Exterior work is wrapping up at the building, with the removal of two street trees and the addition of a large planted front patio space, facing the street. (We’ve reached out to Midtown Alliance to find out more about the trees and potential replacements and any streetscape upgrades).

The building on Wednesday morning, with street trees.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

The building is just four blocks north of a towering new mural by HENSE at Icon Midtown. That mural is now in its final stages (only lighting remains to be added), as the building preps for residents.

Elsewhere in the metamorphosing submarket, Modera Midtown and Broadstone Midtown also boast fresh, local art on their facades.

Is this set to be the latest trend for new development?