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Adair Park cottage embraces vintage charm, serves up Beltline living for $330K

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Recently renovated, early 1900s property touts walkability, “giant front porch.”

Photo of an Adair Park home for sale in Atlanta right now.
Elevated views of Brookline Street.
Keller Williams Atlanta

Believe it or not, non-dilapidated homes with prices that break down to less than $200 per square foot still exist within city limits.

Take this circa-1910 cottage on a little hill in Adair Park, positioned roughly two blocks from the Beltline’s new Westside Trail—with another perk, Adair Park I, in between.

With its “giant front porch” and pretty stonework, it serves up quintessentially Atlanta curb appeal; within, the systems are only a year old, and “designer fixtures and finishes” abound, per the listing.

It listed this past weekend at $329,900. Similarly sized, renovated bungalows in the vicinity have fetched in the low-$300,000s within the past couple of (warmer) months.

Other pertinent numbers: three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 1,723 square feet, which no one would confuse as sprawling, but it could be a sweet spot for first-time buyers.

Inside, find built-ins, old pine floors, a coffered ceiling, plaster walls, and a (gulp) white-painted stone fireplace in the cozy living room. The open shelving and butcher-block countertops jibe with the kitchen’s rustic flooring. And the closets, we’re told, are of “modern” size for today’s pack-rat human beings.

The backyard might bear resemblance to a downtown gypsy parking lot, but it does include a communal fire area of some sort. And, besides, alternate greenspaces maintained by someone else are in no short supply.