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Poll: Atlanta millennials, how would you honestly feel about uprooting to the ‘burbs?

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Recent national report says ATL has third best suburbs for millennials, but who’s buying?

A photo of the walkable suburban option that is Serenbe, where recent housing (including “modern shotguns”) has sought to appeal to younger Atlantans.
The walkable suburban option that is Serenbe, where recent housing (including “modern shotguns”) has sought to appeal to younger Atlantans.
Hand-Picked Atlanta

Ask the cool kids if they’d consider settling down in Atlanta’s ‘burbs, and the response typically involves profanity. But what’s the real story?

The trend hawks at National Real Estate Investor have slotted Atlanta at No. 3—behind Las Vegas and Charlotte, respectively—as part of research titled “Top 10 Suburbs For Millennials.”

A swelling population and thriving suburban job market help set Atlanta apart, and in general, millennials (whose peak age group has reached age 27) are “swapping the live-work-play urban centers they were drawn to in their early twenties for the space, better school districts, and affordability that suburbs provide,” notes the report.

Atlanta Agent Magazine summarizes these findings and others as follows: “As millennials get older, they’re trading in their train passes for minivans ...” Youch.

And all of this follows an Atlanta Regional Commission report last year that indicated droves of millennials are choosing to put down roots in even far-flung but cheaper places such as Barrow and Cherokee counties.

Another factor to consider is that atypical suburban places around Atlanta such as Serenbe and the forthcoming Pinewood Forrest are creating housing in urban-esque, walkable places specifically catered to millennial sensibilities. Such as Serenbe’s “modern shotguns,” which were staring in the mid-$300,000s for about 830 square feet when announced.

Still, ye renters of Atlanta, is cool new housing, cheaper property overall, top-performing schools, and suburban peace-and-quiet enough to entice you OTP?

Take a second with this poll and let your thoughts be heard.

Please, be honest:


I'm a millennial living in Atlanta now, and moving to the suburbs would be ...

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  • 5%
    ... the only viable plan, because I can’t afford the city much longer.
    (120 votes)
  • 10%
    ... not my first choice, but probably the best longterm option.
    (232 votes)
  • 6%
    ... my plan all along, once I reach a certain age.
    (134 votes)
  • 5%
    ... the best option for my young family.
    (115 votes)
  • 41%
    ... tantamount to death. I’m staying intown, no matter what.
    (904 votes)
  • 30%
    ... somewhat depressing, but I could make it work, if all else fails.
    (674 votes)
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