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Cyber Monday gifts for Atlanta enthusiasts—both cerebral and silly

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A few gift ideas for your favorite Atlanta wonks and general jokesters.

Now that Thanksgiving and Black Friday have come and gone—with gut-busting and door-busting effects, respectively—it’s time to settle back into a few weeks of work before the year-end holidays.

But with plenty of gifts left to get, and deals aplenty to be had on Cyber Monday, let us assist lovers of Atlanta with a few suggestions, from intellectual to downright comical:


For the map enthusiast

Atlanta’s comprised of dozens of neighborhoods, each with their own unique flavor. This word map offers those who want to keep a piece of the city on their wall—and show some pride in their neighborhood—a chance to do just that.

Ork Posters — Atlanta Neighborhood Map ($22-$27)

Ork Posters

And if you’re looking for a gift for someone outside the city limits, this gold foil map of Georgia highlights all the highways Atlantans known (and hate to sit in traffic on).

minted. — Georgia Foil-Pressed Wall Art ($33-$120)


For the historian

The Fox Theatre is one of Atlanta’s grandest old buildings. Completed in 1929, the historic theater has stood the test of time while countless other Peachtree Street structures have met their ends. While attending a show at the venue is one way to check it out, those who want to get behind the scenes can do so with an hour-long tour.

Fox Theatre — 60-Minute Tour ($5-$18)

Sure, Atlanta’s known for lackluster historic preservation, but the Atlanta Preservation Center (APC) works hard to save significant buildings. For those interested in lectures, publications about history, and supporting preservation, membership to the APC offers a range of benefits, from free neighborhood tours to special events.

Atlanta Preservation Center — Membership ($30-$1,000)

The Grant Mansion houses the Atlanta Preservation Center.
Atlanta Preservation Center


For the adventurer

One of the benefits of winter in Atlanta is the city’s relatively mild temperatures, allowing city-dwellers the chance to enjoy outdoor activities. A great way to explore the city is with scavenger hunts, which lead you to fun and interesting new places. Options from Cluetown Books range from the Eastside Beltline Trail to Decatur Square to Oakland Cemetery. There are even mini-hunts in neighborhoods such as Cabbagetown, Little Five Points, and Kirkwood.

Cluetown Books — Scavenger Hunts ($7-$15)


For the bookworm

One of Atlanta’s most famous, and longest-practicing architects is John Portman. While some of his work is controversial, the impact of his developments on the city is undeniable. Portman's America & Other Speculations, a book released this past summer, explores Portman’s influence on the city and offers stunning photographs of some of Atlanta’s most iconic buildings.

Amazon — Portman’s America & Other Speculations ($35)

Portman’s Peachtree Center is a downtown landmark.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

While far from a household name, Atlanta-based architecture firm Stanley Beaman & Sears marked 25 years of operation this year. Known for works including the Zuckerman Museum at KSU and Gallery 72 in downtown, the firm celebrated its anniversary—and merger with New York-based EYP—by releasing an illustrative compendium of work titled Stanley Beaman & Sears: The Power of Place.

Amazon — Stanley Beaman & Sears: The Power of Place ($60, pre-order)


For the jokester

Last week, Atlanta was catapulted into international meme-dom by the most unlikely of characters: a MARTA bus. While the Georgia Dome implosion rocked downtown, a video of a MARTA bus strategically blocking a Weather Channel live feed just as the building begins to crumble was one of the most shared moments of the entire event. Now, there’s a shirt (as well as mug, iPhone case, etc.) to commemorate the only-in-Atlanta occurrence.

Shirts with a Story — A perfect view apparel and accessories ($10.50-$25.50)

Shirts with a Story