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1920s East Atlanta bungalow undergoes uniquely modern treatment at $380K

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Floorplan overhaul and streamlined windows punctuate home redo south of EAV.

A new modern-style flip for sale in Atlanta’s East Atlanta neighborhood.
A vintage facade that is not.
Bo Bridgeport Brokers

Atlanta house-scouts with sub-$400,000 budgets and hankerings for a bungalow that doesn’t look like all the other beautiful ones could adore this offering south of the East Atlanta Village.

But purists probably won’t.

With its perforated facade and bold expanses of infinity windows, a recent redo has brought this house a long way from its 1929 origins. It’s accurately described as a “unique modern redesign,” blending shiplap with distinctively modern door hardware and lighting that includes a now-requisite sputnik.

From here on Stallings Avenue, it’s a few stumbles over a mile to The Midway Pub, for instance. Which makes the car-dependent WalkScore of 30 something of a head-scratcher.

Inside, $379,900 buys three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 1,410 square feet, so annoying echoes probably won’t be an issue. Natural light looks like a highpoint, as does the herringbone, hard-surface backsplash, the nifty, built-in computer desk, and tucked-away laundry room.

The huge, wraparound back deck would befit a Gulf Coast seafood restaurant, but its immensity appears to cut into the available off-street parking.

On the positive side, the lawn appears almost freakishly healthy, and the large backyard versatile. Though a prudent buyer might work a new fence into the deal.