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$680K Edgewood offering serves subtle variations on neo-Craftsman

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Big blue dwelling near Edgewood Retail District tweaks ubiquitous new-construction style.

A photo of an Edgewood home for sale right now in Atlanta.
A more streamlined porch on Flora Avenue.
Chapman Hall Realtors

This hefty blue dwelling blends traditional flourishes with contemporary restraint, here on what’s marketed as “the best street in Edgewood.”

Recently finished and listed 11 days ago at $679,000, the home is a simplified, subtler take on the neo-Craftsman style that’s swept Atlanta for years. But where some might see streamlined, others could squawk about plainness.

Its positioning a block from the Edgewood Retail District surely helps feed the “Very Walkable” 71 WalkScore. The listing also touts walkability to the Beltline (a few blocks) and MARTA (a few more blocks, via Reynoldstown).

The facts: four bedrooms, three and 12 bathrooms, a not-small 3,057 square feet, and one wide-open main floor.

Perks include 11-foot ceilings, quartz countertops in the kitchen, the living room fireplace, two-car garage, and the impressive master suite with freestanding tub and glass-free master shower.

The elevated deck hanging off the upper floor is a bonus, though it appears to be the only outdoor social area beyond the front porch, which could be a sticking point among deck-hungry Atlanta buyers.

That being said, the front porch is generous and borderline wraparound, with two fans and elevation above the sidewalk for a (very little) bit of privacy.

A price pushing $700,000 could be a tall order, as homes that’ve claimed more than $600,000 in Edgewood are few and far between lately.

Maybe the thinking is that this strikingly modern outlier, which bagged $899,000 earlier this month, will lift all boats.

The property’s overgrown predecessor in summer 2016.
Google Maps