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Bona fide ‘Mansion on Cascade’ available for bargain $900K

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Mediterranean manse is “a steal” for less than $1 million, providing plenty of Buckhead-esque luxury.

Two-story yellow Mediterranean mansion.
Behold ... 8,000+ square feet of slightly OTP opulence.

Built in 2008 in Midwest Cascade, just west of Atlanta outside the perimeter, this two-story Mediterranean home contains “plenty of space for entertaining,” per the listing.

To say the least.

What’s more, per the property’s history, it has quite the reputation as a setting for film and photo shoots, as well as special events, thanks to its inclusion as a rental property with Mansion House Atlanta, which bills itself as “Atlanta’s Premiere Mansion Event Rental Website.”

The interior spaces certainly are dramatic, like the great room that resembles a cathedral or the unabashedly opulent home theater that could easily be found in the homes of Hollywood stars or Atlanta’s major music and sports performers.

And with seven bedrooms and eight and 12 bathrooms in 8,627 square feet, there’s certainly enough room to accommodate guests.

The balcony and patio on the rear of the house look ideal for outdoor entertaining but the overall aesthetic falls flat without a complementary swimming pool.

Also interesting is the gated estate’s up-and-down price history since its completion.

In 2007, the property sold for $1.44 million; after that, though, the value dropped immensely.

It sold again in 2015 for a mere $50,000 before being flipped in May of this year for $710,001.

The current asking price of $899,000 is much higher than other homes in the area, but it’s a good bet there aren’t many of this size and scale nearby.

It’ll be interesting to see if this continues to be traded off as an investment property or if a family will snatch it up and convert it into their dream home.