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Massive ‘Sports City’ destined for sprawling Stonecrest parcel

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Supporters say multi-sport complex will fill 200 acres adjacent to the Mall at Stonecrest, along Interstate 20.

Aerial plans showing more than 30 sports fields around the existing mall.
Ambitious plans for one massive development.
Atlanta Sports City

A 200-acre complex slated to host hundreds of sporting events annually is making strides toward reality east of downtown Atlanta.

Atlanta Sports City, first proposed nearly a year ago, will soon seek contractors and vendors to help bring the $300-million complex to fruition.

According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the project’s centerpiece will be a massive building dubbed “Tournament Central,” which will be created from a former Kohl’s store at the Mall at Stonecrest.

Cross Roads News reports the Atlanta Sports Connection—the consortium responsible for Sports City—purchased the two-story retail space late last month. The 140,000-square-foot structure will house a welcome center, a sprawling food hall, and TopGolf Swing Suites, plus the entire first floor will be devoted to a yet-named sports retailer.

Nearly 40 retailers, restaurants, and bars will reportedly be revealed in coming months.

Ultimately, facilities across the site are anticipated to accommodate nearly two dozen sports, ranging from baseball and soccer to paddle ball and weightlifting.

Beyond just fields and small venues for youth sports and competitions, there will be a 15,000-seat soccer stadium, a more than 200,000-square-foot indoor athletics facility, and more than 330,000 square feet of retail space.

Backers say the campus, when complete, is estimated to attract nearly three million visitors a year. (For context, the Atlanta Beltline’s Eastside Trail attracts about half that many people annually). The economic impact for the state is estimated at nearly $200 million.

A rendering of the proposed soccer stadium.
Atlanta Sports City