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Can a single-bedroom house near Old Fourth Ward’s Beltline achieve $365K?

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Yes, Atlantans, they do exist.

A wee yellow house for sale in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward.
The anti-cul-de-sac in O4W.
Keller Williams Atlanta Midtown

Given Atlanta’s voracious appetite for excess square footage and dual dining rooms, it’s hard to believe a standalone house with a single bedroom manages to exist.

But, indeed, this unicorn of compact living joins a small herd of colorful Old Fourth Ward abodes built a couple of years before the recession—and long before the Eastside Trail entrance came about less than three (compressed) blocks away.

Positioned around the corner from the original Highland Bakery, this bright-yellow 2004 offering is like a case study in economical, waste-free living. (Good luck finding a non-condo comp in the vicinity.)

The master bedroom (with vaulted ceiling and skylight), master bathroom, laundry, and closet gobble up the entire second floor—which, again, is the only dedicated sleeping quarters under this roof.

Downstairs serves up ample living and dining space, plus a full kitchen and pinkish half-bathroom. The total square footage—1,224—aligns with most Atlanta two-bedroom condos.

A massive perk is the off-street parking pad (not pictured) and two cozy outdoor hangouts in front and back. The latter of which adjoins a secured courtyard for this community.

Given the proximity to Krog Street Market and such, the 88 WalkScore is straight dynamite, and it’ll probably improve as the Eastside Trail finishes and even more retail materializes.

A tiny house this is not, and a single person or space-conscious couple might save big bucks over, say, a Midtown high-rise by going this route.

But $365,000 still buys a lot more in other intown hotspots.