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Old Fourth Ward reno summons buyers ‘6 blocks to Ponce City Market’ at $675K

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And lest we forget, “0.5 miles to the Beltline! 0.4 miles to Old Fourth Ward Park, and 1 mile to Krog St.”

A renovated bungalow for sale in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward.
A lighter shade of brick on Parkway Drive.
Skylan Realty

This refreshed Old Fourth Ward bungalow name-drops eastside Atlanta attractions like ... someone who name-drops a lot.

But then again, giving extremely specific distances to places like Historic Fourth Ward Park (0.4 miles) and Ponce City Market (six blocks) within the listing language is probably savvy marketing, especially when the flip is in a flank of O4W less associated with frolicking yuppies.

Perched on a corner lot two blocks west of Boulevard—toward Midtown, at the doorstep of Central Park basically—this fresh-faced three-bedroom was still slightly a work-in-progress when photos were snapped. But they give a feel for what to expect.

At least some of the bones date to the 1920s, and the rebuild is described as a blend of old-world charm and easy lux living, dotted with designer fixtures and finishes. With its herringbone floor, the master bathroom looks as elegant as the master bedroom is humongous.

Downstairs has two more bedrooms, each with full bathrooms, adding to a total square footage of 2,674.

Other perks include a sizable deck (possibly boasting skyline views, at least in winter) and the ample front porch’s ceiling fan. The parking situation might not be totally secure, but at least it’s off-street. With an 81 mark, the WalkScore is technically “Very Walkable” around here.

Records indicate the property sold for $192,000 back in the summer of 2015. It’s asking $675,000 now.

The property in March 2016, prior to renovations.
Google Maps