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One of Atlanta’s earliest, most iconic sky-rises is going full modern inside

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Hurt Building’s $4-million reno will include interior revamp, in addition to bike share and Starbucks.

The interior of the Hurt Building. The floor, ceiling, and walls are white. There are blue chairs. There is a white lobby desk.
Oh, so futuristic.
Rendering courtesy of Gamma Real Estate

In the arena of Atlanta real estate, the word “iconic” is probably tossed around too often, but in the case of downtown’s Hurt Building, the description is right on the money.

The Hurt Building.
High Performance Buildings

And now, speaking of money, a $4-million interior overhaul by the Hurt Building’s new owners is adding an amenity floor to the penthouse and revitalizing “the lobby’s original marble details while introducing a modern touch,” as Gamma Real Estate officials put it.

The strikingly modern, borderline Jetsons redo by Atlanta-based architects Plexus Research + Design will join a new Starbucks and Relay bike-share station as fresh millennial bait at the 1913 landmark.

The 18-story, V-shaped building—bounded by Edgewood Avenue, Piedmont Center Avenue, and Hurt Plaza—was bought by New York-based Gamma for $34 million last year, adding to a groundswell of investment near Woodruff Park.

The LEED Platinum tower has been listed on the National Park Service’s registry of historic places since 1977 ... so high-five, Atlanta!

Gamma’s goal in purchasing the Hurt Building, officials say, was to tap in to the “exciting revitalization” happening in the submarket, “spurred by large mixed-use projects nearby including the Centennial Park expansion, redevelopment of Underground Atlanta, an entertainment district near Philips Arena, and Georgia State University’s growing campus.”

Gamma reps say renovations should finish by the first quarter of 2018.