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At East Lake MARTA, TOD plans could include up to 500 homes, greenspace

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Concept hints at big changes in store for the MARTA station, between downtown Decatur and Kirkwood.

A bus exiting the parking lot of the MARTA station.
One day, the parking lots surrounding East Lake MARTA Station could be filled with residences, retail, and office space.
Google Maps

A new survey posted on MARTA’s dedicated transit-oriented development website, coUrbanize, offers Atlantans a potential glimpse at the future of acres of parking surrounding the East Lake MARTA Station.

And your input could help shape what actually happens there.

The survey shows diagrammatic drawings offering short-term and longterm development opportunities on parking lots on both the north and south sides of the station. Currently, average daily usage of parking spaces at the station is less than 40 percent, so opportunity abounds to create new uses from the asphalt seas.

In the short-term, potential uses include recreation fields, pop-up markets, a dog park, and art installations. Other quick upgrades that could serve the site into the future include updated lighting and signage, as well as new landscaping and murals.

Short-term uses proposed as part of the survey.

In the long-term, MARTA could add residence, retail, offices, and greenspace straddling the rail lines. A full build out could bring nearly 500 residential units to the sites, with some schemes proposing live-work and townhome options in addition to multifamily development.

One of three schemes for the northern parking lot.
A scheme for the southern parking lot, including townhomes.
The most dense scheme for the southern parking lot.

Beyond just the MARTA sites, the survey covers private development on surrounding parcels. Ultimately, it’s envisioned that a large parcel to the east of the southern parking lot, currently used as a training center for AT&T, could be redeveloped to enhance the TOD.

Proposed plans for the site include a mix of townhomes, single-family homes, and multifamily buildings.

One of the four schemes for the AT&T site.
A scheme with far more density for the AT&T site.

Finally, the survey also includes potential options for street configurations around the station, including new planted medians and dedicated bike lanes.

The survey will be open until Jan. 12.