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Quirky 1980s Lake Claire abode is surprisingly spacious for $450K

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Lil’ three-bedroom compound described as “completely unique” with architectural chutzpah, top schools.

A home for sale in Lake Claire Atlanta right now.
An atypical facade, as seen from Connecticut Avenue.
Keller Williams Realty

The listing agent is right on the money in describing this quirky, light-filled, three-bedroom abode in Lake Claire as “completely unique.”

Where some buyers might see bizarre, others could dig how the updated, 1987 property bucks the status quo while maximizing, it seems, every square foot.

It’s tucked off McLendon Avenue, down the street from the Candler Park commercial hub with Flying Biscuit and such. From the street, it’s a sort of fractured butterfly approach, with a detached shed at right, beside the off-street parking, that could function as a workshop or office, per the listing.

With the benefit of vaulted ceilings, it’s surprisingly cavernous inside, employing a restrained, simplified, clean look throughout. It says ’80s but doesn’t scream it.

Floorplans ... very helpful.

Counting 1,555 square feet and two and 12 bathrooms, it’s basically the size of a larger, two-bedroom intown condo. The master bathroom looks rather petite, but the master suite helps atone for that with an attached sunroom.

Perks include a multitude of porches, an updated kitchen well-suited for people who loathe cabinetry doors, and what’s aptly described as “interesting architectural details.”

In this town, uniqueness isn’t always a plus, but whimsical Lake Claire is much more than Craftsman-style McMansions, so this place fits right in.

And in terms of turnkey single-family opportunities, the $450,000 price is the neighborhood’s cheapest option at the moment.