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Over Piedmont Park, smallish mixed-use project is rising on Monroe Drive

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Two floors of office space, one level of retail, have replaced an old house, just south of Piedmont Avenue.

The project earlier this week.
The project earlier this week.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

At the northern edge of Piedmont Park, along Monroe Drive, a new mixed-use building is rising on the site of an old home.

According to permit filings, the project—part of Clear Creek Center, which wraps the corner between Monroe Drive and Piedmont Avenue—will house three stories of office and retail space atop a level of parking.

Facing Monroe Drive, the glassy new structure backs up to an existing retail building that includes Ru San’s and a range of small shops.

Plans for the new space indicate the top two stories of the building are being fitted out for office space, and permit filings hint that Harry Norman Realty could be the new tenant.

We’ve reached out to the contact on the permit and will update the story with more information if it comes.

A rendering of the new space.

Until last year, a two-story brick house that served as a law office stood on the site.

Next door, a vacant older home stands as one of the last vestiges of the street’s formerly residential life. From 2001 until 2010, that building housed restaurant Agnes and Muriel’s.

Construction appears to be moving into final stages; expect to see the building open some time early next year.

The ill-fated home at right, just one lot down from an entrance to Piedmont Park.
Google Maps

Piedmont Park

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