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Downtown, Centennial Park apartments near first-phase completion—at last!

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Across from World of Coca-Cola, new rentals are the largest infusion of residences in downtown in a decade.

A construction project with five stories of residences above a retail-front space, with a more complete building beyond.
Work on the second phase continues as final preparations wrap up on the northern building, at left.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

After more than three years of planning and nearly two years of construction, Post Centennial Park apartments are heading toward completion.

Construction is wrapping up on the northern building of the block-spanning development, with workers adding balcony railings and prepping the surrounding sidewalks.

Since the summer, the southern block of apartments has risen around the concrete parking deck structure, and brick, stone, and stucco have gone up on the building’s facades.

The buildings are designed to look like multiple structures facing each street, breaking down the monotonous block faces so common with new projects.

When complete, Post Centennial Park will serve up more than 400 apartments, ranging from under 500 square feet to more than 1,350 square feet.

Construction fences feature a website for the project, but the address redirects to the main website for MAA, which acquired Post Properties last year. Earlier indications suggested prices would average more than $1,600 per month.

Initially, it was announced that 10 percent of the units would be set aside for workforce housing, averaging just under $1,100 per month.

Looking east down Simpson Street, which bisects the development.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

The development’s northern building, which will finish first, features courtyards for residents and a gym facing Centennial Olympic Park Drive. The parking deck, topped by a pool, is located in the southern building, meaning the building’s initial residents will have to cross Simpson Street to access parking and the pool deck.

According to the developer’s website, the project should welcome its first residents next month. But with no pricing available, and no response to email inquiries, it remains to be seen if the project will meet that deadline.

The northwestern building of the development, facing Centennial Olympic Park Drive.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta
The southeastern building of the new development, facing Baker and Williams streets.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta
A rendering of the Post Centennial Olympic Park project. Looney Ricks Kiss