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Atlanta’s Curbed Cup 2017 ‘Elite Eight’ is set. Now, onward!

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Quest for “Neighborhood of the Year” glory resumes Monday.

All across the ITP landscape, voters spoke their minds this week, and of 16 entrants, eight prideful Atlanta places will be marching on toward the Curbed Cup, the prestigious (nonexistent) trophy that brims with everlasting sunshine.

In the annual quest for Atlanta’s “Neighborhood of the Year” honors, the most notable Round 1 news was probably that the reigning champion has been eliminated.

Let’s recap:

The week started off with a bang, when past champion Reynoldstown (9) slipped by eastside neighbor Ormewood Park by just 21 votes—like this is a mayoral election or something.

Another close match came with top-seeded Westview besting tourney newcomer Upper Westside, while Grant Park’s match with Boulevard Heights was ... less close.

Fourth-seeded College Park began another march toward acclaim (Capitol View’s ballot-stuffing efforts didn’t help its cause), while West End enjoyed a rather decisive victory over reigning Curbed Cup champion East Atlanta. (Interestingly, this made West End and Reynoldstown the only neighborhoods in the bottom-eight seeds to advance, suggesting that seeding may indeed count this year).

Pastiche of former champions.

Later, the typically strong performer that is Chamblee triumphed over Virginia-Highland, and 2013 Curbed Cup holder Kirkwood sent valiant newcomer Howell Station packing.

Lastly, in a clash of Atlanta titans, Old Fourth Ward showed Midtown the door in a contest that wasn’t as close as many had expected.

And there you have it, ATL ... your 2017 Elite Eight! The tourney shall resume early on Monday.

But before we say goodbye to Round 1, it’s time for a few honorable mentions from neighborhoods that didn’t score enough nominations to make the 16-seed tourney, but which clearly abound with love and pride nonetheless:


Here’s Linda with Inman Park’s lone 2017 nomination, which equaled the total for another ITP stalwart, Decatur:

“To me ... Inman Park. Trees, parks, restaurants, variety of housing options, neighborhood association, parties.”


A nominator named Ashley opined that Candler is “AWESOME!” and “simply the best neighborhood in Atlanta.”


From Nick:

“Will we see Venetian Hills on the list this year?”

Sorry, Nick, your lone nomination didn’t cut it.


Lake Claire nominator Kevin moved there in March from Virginia with his wife. He seems to dig it:

Curbed Atlanta
A modern renovation in Lake Claire, as featured last year.

“We can reach East Lake MARTA station with an easy 1/2 mile walk. The Stone Mountain PATH route bisects the neighborhood via McLendon Avenue. The shopping and dining hub of Candler Park is less than a mile away (close enough to walk, far enough to avoid parking issues).

“Crime is low in comparison with many neighborhoods in and around Atlanta. Most of the houses are solidly-built and in the early 20th-Century Craftsman style ...

“These are just some of the reasons why we felt Lake Claire had more upside and appeal than most other upscale Atlanta neighborhoods, such as Buckhead. We lived in that area 20 years ago, but gave it a pass this time around.”


Last but not least, Hayden had mad love for Sylvan Hills:

“I would like to nominate Sylvan Hills for the Curbed Cup. Our neighborhood has a rich history with homes that were built in the 1920s and onward. The same builder of Morningside built homes in our neighborhood. We are one of the largest neighborhoods in the city of Atlanta with over 400 homes in our defined neighborhood. We are a Beltline community. Our residents are a mix of new and longtime residents. Housing is still affordable (however prices continue to rise). We are walkable to two MARTA train stations. SH Middle School is less than two years old ...

“Our proximity to the Nabisco plant (which is still considered our neighborhood) allows for the entire neighborhood to smell like cookies when they are baking batches. We literally had shirts printed that state, ‘Sylvan Hills: Smells like Cookies.’

“I have been part of the community since July 2015 and it has been a great area to be in. I feel we have been overlooked in the past and would love to have my neighborhood featured this year!”