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Reynoldstown’s latest duplex leans urban farmhouse for $500K

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The Beltline neighborhood’s semidetached trend continues on Cleveland Street.

A photo of a new duplex in Reynoldstown.
At question here is the one at left.
Avenue Realty/GMLS

Fully modern-style duplexes have been cropping up around R-town for almost a decade, but recently these semidetached dwellings have incorporated a more traditional farmhouse feel, for the most part.

Such is the case on Cleveland Street, where a bright-white double-dose of new construction is leaning rustic-farmhouse until the cows come home.

Located a block off Moreland Avenue—and about five blocks from the Beltline’s freshly cured Eastside Trail extension—this four-bedroom offering by Prime Design was built by Walsh Design with eye-catching hardwoods throughout.

Behind a bright-blue door and perched porch, design elements include barn doors, lockers in the foyer, shiplap, and subway tile, which all lands somewhere in the realm of what might be called “classic countryside contemporary” in the city.

Other pertinent numbers: three bedrooms, 2,180 square feet, and a $499,900 price tag. (The right half, unit B, doesn’t appear to have been listed yet, if it wasn’t pre-purchased).

Upstairs, the master has an attached deck that overlooks a two-car parking pad and—as would be expected—a pint-sized yard. It’s unclear if the parking, like one wall, is shared by these farmhouse-y units.

But these days, for less than a half-mil in this neck of the woods, compromises come standard.