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Midtown’s Caravaca Market brings life to long-vacant Peachtree Street storefront

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After nearly a year of work, the sprawling European-style market has opened, albeit partially, in the base of Trace Midtown.

The market, complete with sidewalk seating.
Caravanca Market features dining on Peachtree.
Caravanca Market

A unique dining and shopping option has debuted in Midtown on Peachtree Street with the long-awaited opening of Caravaca Market in the base of luxury apartment building Trace.

Plans have been in the works for well over a year to bring the European-style, market-meets-restaurant to the 6,000-square-foot space. According to the market’s Facebook page, Sunday marked the start of business for at least a portion of the new venue.

Billed as an “international food hall,” the destination will eventually include an array of stalls, offering fare from across Europe. But, for now, only the market portion of the project—which includes grab-and-go dining options—is open.

Guests can grab a bite and sit at tables on Peachtree Street, facing the Gothic-Revival Saint Mark Methodist Church.

A plan of the market.
Caravaca Market

Once complete, there will be a “Taste Bar,” a Wine Bar (also featuring charcuterie and cheeses), a Beer and Pizza Bar, and a “Harry Bakes” bakery cafe. No word on when the rest of the market will be open.

Still, for local residents, the partial opening is a welcome addition to the block between 4th and 5th streets on Peachtree.