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The City of South Fulton/Renaissance is having an identity crisis

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The city council voted to rename the city last month, but many citizens—and the mayor—have other ideas.

Two jousters on horseback at a renaissance festival.
To many, Renaissance evoked images of the festival hosted in nearby Fairburn.
Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Just last month, the one-year-old City of South Fulton held a packed city council meeting, where an extensive voting process determined what the city’s permanent name would be: Renaissance.

But the renaissance was short-lived.

Following a petition by residents who were less than enthused about the new name, the Mayor of the City of [insert name here] vetoed the renaming.

According to Fox 5, Mayor Bill Edwards noted the costs associated with changing the name on documents and signage as one of the reasons for striking down the measure.

Two weeks ago, WABE reported that a petition started by a high schooler in the city had garnered more than 800 signatures, underscoring that the new name was far from universally loved.

Initially, residents had come up with more than 200 different suggestions for names; while creativity clearly isn’t lacking, consensus is.

The matter will now go back before the city council, and will require at least one more member to support the measure in order to override the mayor’s veto.

Given the contentiousness of the process, it seems unlikely.