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Georgia Dome implosion does the trick the second time around

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Blasts at 1 a.m. wake residents, succeed in bringing down remaining walls of the stadium.

A wall of the stadium, standing amid dusk.
The eastern wall of the stadium, still standing after last month’s blast, is now but a memory.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, residents of downtown and Westside neighborhoods were awaken—or given a brief pause from whatever they were doing—by a series of percussive explosions.

The commotion, which lasted no more than 20 seconds, heralded the last moment of the Georgia Dome. For real this time.

A second round of explosives achieved what last month’s widely watched implosion couldn’t, completely reducing the remaining walls and structure of the stadium to little more than a pile of concrete.

Officials stated after last month’s incomplete implosion that not all of the charges had gone off.

Thanks to rain in the overnight hours between Tuesday and Wednesday, dust was not nearly as much of an issue as it was the first time around. However, according to WSBTV, some glass at the Georgia World Congress Center, and Mercedes-Benz Stadium was damaged in the process of bringing the walls down.

Overall, the second time around was a success.

On Monday, the Dome’s Twitter account had some fun saying goodbye... again.

Now that the building is down, crews will spend the next few months breaking apart the concrete and leveling the site.

Plans call for the majority of the debris to remain on site to serve as fill material for the new Home Depot Backyard, and eventually a new hotel.

The Georgia Dome

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Mercedes-Benz Stadium

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