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Refreshed West End bungalow takes design chances, charms for $285K

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1930s abode near Westside Trail was redone down to the drywall.

A photo of the kitchen area of a West End bungalow now on the market.
Note the unique tiling in here.
Red Barn Real Estate

Sometimes it’s refreshing to find Atlanta renovations that clearly weren’t done by sleepwalking penny-pinchers with zero imagination.

This 1930s redo in West End appears to be one such case where adding heart and style—but not at great expense—were paramount. Combined with the $284,900 price tag, its execution could have the makings of a dandy starter home (or downsizing option), just southwest of downtown.

More specifically, this three-bedroom stands on Copeland Avenue—around the corner from the Beltline’s Westside Trail and subsequent Lean Draft House—with a side dish of off-street, driveway parking.

Per the listing, almost the entire package is brand new, down to the fresh drywall. “Run,” the listing agent urges, “don't walk to this one-of-a-kind home in sought-after West End!”

Inside, it’s sweetly staged in a way that complements the chances taken with design (see the jazzy backsplash flair, honeycomb-meets-hardwoods kitchen flooring, and designer tile in the master bathroom).

Of course, at this price point virtually anywhere intown, some concessions are required. To that end, the two bedrooms, 1,287 square feet, and tight back deck might irk some house scouts.

But overall, the positives could rule the day here.